Help! My dog chewed up my new chair!?

My new puppy chewed a large measure 1 inch wide fabric in the back, down my leather recliner rocker expensive. The dog is older and he knows that improving chewing furniture, but I find myself with a small area if not ragged on my chair like new.

Excessive dog chewing is one of the biggest complaints of most dog owners.

Puppies are notorious chewing machines.

The worst part is no improvement, you will end up having a fully developed dog that can really destroy anything left unattended.

ASPCA Dog ... President upholstery shop!

Upholstery Decorative Tacks - Bookshelf

Upholstery Basics
128 pages
Upholstery Basics

Upholstery tacks are packaged in sterile condition, recognizing that the most convenient place to hold them is in the mouth. Staples (c) are the fastener of choice for most upholstery tasks, except reupholstering antique furniture, in which case, ...

Modern DIY Upholstery, Step-By-Step Upholstery and Reupholstery Projects for Beginners and Beyond
128 pages
Modern DIY Upholstery, Step-By-Step Upholstery and Reupholstery Projects for Beginners and Beyond

Step-By-Step Upholstery and Reupholstery Projects for Beginners and Beyond Vicky Grubb ... There are many choices of colour and size and decorative tacks can easily be purchased online or in your local haberdashery or hardware store.

The Oxford Etymologist gets down to brass tacks and tries to hit the nail on ...

Is an American coinage, and indeed it first surfaced in print in Texas. As we will see, some other evidence also points in the direction of the United States.

We hardly ever speak about brass tacks, so why did they achieve such prominence? Who and in what industries gets down to them? Some hypotheses are rather ingenious, but below I’ll mention only two of them. The others are “a click away,” as they now say. Unless an idiom happens to be a so-called familiar quotation, its origin is usually unknown. (The origin of familiar quotations is another problem.) Somebody whips the cat, takes care of the whole nine yards, is dressed up to the nines, or, conversely, kicks the bucket. Trying to guess how those phrases came about is a worthy occupation, but, unfortunately, it seldom results in significant discoveries. Suffice it to say that every idiom, like every word, was once coined by an individual. The cleverest and the most memorable words and phrases stayed, and now they are common property, while the inventors’ names are forgotten. My contribution today will be modest. In 1931, there was a lively discussion of the brass

The Nursery: Details

A few crafty projects went into the nursery decor, one of them being the vintage children's armoire makeover. This was a piece that was originally my mom's as a child, then she used it for me, and since then several other women in our family have used it for their babies. It has been painted several times and although it was a nice white I decided to paint it Annie Sloane's Duck Egg Blue for a nice pop of color in the room. Some frames we had on hand or were already with the original photos, some we bought and painted from thrift stores, and a few I found for great deals at HomeGoods. We were able to choose the upholstery we wanted from a wide variety of fabrics from the manufacturer, and I chose this chocolate brown and white toille. I've always love toille in a nursery and I think the chocolate brown works well for either gender and as more of a neutral for any space. The chair was purchased at a 10% discount at a wonderful local baby store called Green Pea Baby. I'm sure we will have a few extra things set up in this room once the babies come that are not currently pictured here, such as a cool mist humidifier that we already had on hand, baby monitors, a bobby pillow, and the diaper pail that we... I'm really hoping to use this nursery as much as possible for their sleep, nursing, and even play time, and I think it will work out well especially since our bedroom adjoins the nursery directly through a side door and since it will be so close...

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A touch of Texas
Cannon also did a large diamond pattern on the walls of a bathroom. To give it more depth, Jones nailed upholstery tacks in the corners of each diamond. Her travels inspire some of her design ideas. Her love for Tuscany colored the large deck's

Early Seating Upholstery
Early Seating Upholstery In a clear, concise manner, illustrated with well-selected images, Graves leads us through the terminology of furniture frames (woods, joints, corner blocks, rabbets, slip seat, tacking rails, and so forth) and then through the nomenclature of

Make your own designer-inspired candles
Make your own designer-inspired candles We found some everyday craft items can turn a plain, vanilla candle into an upscale decoration.The tree bark candles are really popular right now. We also found a way to make knock-offs from the popular jute wrapped candles at stores like Pottery Barn

Diva of DIY: Turn your junk drawer inside out to make a fun Halloween feature
Diva of DIY: Turn your junk drawer inside out to make a fun Halloween feature wood blocks 1" x 4"; screws, bolts and upholstery tacks; jute string; staple gun; a few corks; decorative sheet metal; odds and ends you can use from your own junk drawer! Connect with the Diva of DIY through her website, where you'll find social media